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Xanax and Sex: How X Affected My Sex Life?

If you remember, I’d been using Xanax for my anxiety, but it had become a habit more than a prescription. I’d be taking Xanax before bed when I wake up, and at random times during the day. It was easy to fuel my addiction because I was the one prescribing my medication. In hindsight, that was the biggest mistake I made in that whole situation. So, does Xanax cause erectile dysfunction? I’ll leave you to judge for yourself after reading my story. 

Normally, I had a great sex life with Lisa (my significant other at the time). When I first started using Xanax, I did not notice any effect on my sex life. As time passed and I started to overdose, the changes started to show in my sex life – slowly but surely. The effects are actually quite similar to Klonopin side effects sexually.

The first thing I noticed when having sex on Xanax was that I didn’t enjoy it as much. Lisa noticed this too, and understandably thought it was something to do with her, but it really wasn’t. I was still incredibly attracted to her as I’d always been, but I just couldn’t enjoy the sex so much anymore. Xanax and sex drive just don’t go well together. Sometimes, I’d have trouble maintaining an erection even when I really wanted to have sex – I even tried using Xanax and Viagra to deal with this (wouldn’t recommend). Other times, I could go on and on and not orgasm during sex until she was completely drained, and we couldn’t continue anymore. It ruined the pleasure of having sex for me, and I’m pretty sure it did for her too.

Years of practice getting to know each other’s bodies and the things that we liked in bed suddenly meant nothing because I’d been having sex on Xanax bars. My partner was incredibly patient and understanding, but I know now how frustrating it must’ve been when it seemed like she was the only one trying to find out what the problem was. The truth is, I wasn’t trying to find out because I knew what it was. Studies have shown how drugs like Xanax can affect a person’s sex life, but I was too deeply addicted to consider the possibility of getting off the drug. As you may know already, it led to the end of our relationship.

Now, Xanax is great for what it’s supposed to do, which is to treat anxiety disorder, but Xanax and libido? Not a friendly interaction. The issue I had was the fact that I got addicted and started using a lot more pills than I should have been – hence the severity of Xanax sexual side effects for me. I read that xanax side effects in males are even worse. My advice is not to avoid using Xanax at all. The effects are quite similar to Lorazepam sexual side effects and other drug alternatives for anxiety disorder, so it is nearly unavoidable. The takeaway here is to be sure that you’re in control all the time, and if you have any reason to believe that you may be addicted, seek help at a rehabilitation center immediately.

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