5 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best Pets

All animals are beautiful, but some make better pets than others. Needless to say, but cats make the most exquisite, purrfect pets that have ever roamed the Earth!

Not only that cats are loveable pets and (almost) always up for a cuddle, but they also have many other advantages when compared to other pets. Here are five reasons why you should choose to keep a cat as a pet, over any other animal.

  1. They Are Tame

dbe5f0727b69487016ffd67a6689e75aFirstly, cats unlike dogs, won’t chew on things to impress you or your visitors. You won’t have to deal with getting your cat away from your visitors as it often happens with dogs. Cats are very reserved animals and they won’t show their affection from the get-go. Also, your cat will respect your visitor’s personal space and will remain mainly out of sight when you are having guests over. If your guests like cats they will probably be able to pet it for a while, if the cat is in a good mood.

  1. They Are Super-Clean

Cats are known to have impeccable personal hygiene and this certainly comes in handy. This means that you won’t have to give it unnecessarily long baths only to see it get itself into mud, as it too often happens with dogs. Cats actually spend one third of their time self-grooming. This means your kitty will be clean, since it is part of her nature to keep herself groomed, healthy and happy.

  1. They Are Not Loud

black-catCats will not ‘meow’ all the time, since it is beneath them, Also, she will only call to attract your attention when she really needs your attention, for example when she is hungry or wishes to go outside. Dogs, on the contrary are very loud and noisy animals that will bark almost constantly, but other animals such as parrots can also be very loud. Still, if you prefer to enjoy quiet afternoons, you should probably get a cat instead. A cat will appreciate your need for peace, quiet and solitude, since they too are quiet and reserved animals.

  1. They Will Keep The Mice Away

Cats will help you keep your home free from mice and other rodents, but also they will keep your home free from some insects, too. In addition to rodents being annoying, they also carry various diseases, but you won’t have to worry about any of this thanks to your feline companion. When there’s a cat in the house, rodents are a thing of a past. Also, your kitty might want to share with you her accomplishments, and bring you her catch for you to see. This is a gift and it only shows how much she loves you.

  1. You Don’t Have To Walk Them

99233806-bringing-home-new-cat-632x475Cats are convenient pets for people who don’t have the time to walk their pets, since they don’t need to be walked. Therefore, if you like to enjoy your free time inside and generally are a homebody, you should consider getting a cat for a pet.

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